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ED and erectile dysfunction treatments AZ

ED affects approximately 30 to 40 million males across the United States—ED and erectile dysfunction treatments are more common than you might think.

In fact, the words “erectile dysfunction treatments” are searched over 5000 times every month on Google. This simple statistic validates the existence of large numbers of men seeking effective treatment options.

As a male with ED, you may be experiencing some degree of depression or even be suffering from a loss of self-esteem or self-confidence. This may decrease your willingness to engage in any form of intimacy, disrupting the integrity of your long-term sexual relationship. The good news? As an expert in men’s sexual health, I can tell you that nearly 100% of men with ED can be treated successfully

…nearly 100% of men with ED can be treated successfully.

Although there are thousands of pages of online content regarding erectile dysfunction treatments, only four medical treatment options are commonly prescribed by urologists:

  • Oral Pills
  • Intra-Urethral Suppositories
  • Penile Injections
  • Vacuum Erection Devices
  • Uro-Gold 100
  • Surgery

These ED treatment options are all long-term therapies that can help manage the problem, but none of them actually provide cures for erectile dysfunction. Although many patients utilize these erectile dysfunction treatments successfully, approximately 70% discontinue their therapy within one year of follow-up due to the lack of efficacy and spontaneity, as well as high cost and ongoing side effects. Ultimately, it is the task of the urologist to identify the best erectile dysfunction treatments for each individual patient, focusing on the specific attributes that are most likely to achieve the greatest long-term success rates.


The single best solution for erectile dysfunction is the penile implant. As opposed to the medical therapies listed above, the penile implant is the only long-term solution that will definitively address ED.

The penile implant is a water-filled device that is placed through a small incision located just above the penis in the midline. After the device is placed, you will not need medications to perform sex, and the device is free of maintenance. Overwhelmingly, the implant allows you to achieve an erection for as long as you want, whenever you want. Your penile sensations, orgasms, and ejaculations remain normal and unaffected by the procedure. When the implant is deflated, the implant is soft and invisible. And when the implant is inflated, it appears natural for both you and your partner. Based on my extensive experience with penile implants over the last 18 years, the procedure can be absolutely transformational.

While the penile implant is often the best solution for men who have failed other conservative therapies, it still remains a secret to the community at-large due to a lack of education and marketing. For many years, penile implants have been misunderstood, and both primary care physicians and urologists have failed to educate their patients about this highly successful option. The Penile Implant procedure is relatively quick and straight-forward to perform, and has a modest recovery time of only 2–3 weeks. Importantly, only a small percentage of urologists perform penile implants in high volume. Therefore, it is very important to find a urologist who specializes in men’s health and penile implants (a prosthetic urologist) in order to obtain the most comprehensive evaluation and effective erectile dysfunction treatments.

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