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Benefits of HIFU therapy in Mesa for prostate cancer

HIFU therapy (high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation) is a technique for local tumor destruction. The essence of this treatment is that it uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to influence the tissues of the prostate gland. When the high-intensity ultrasound waves heat the tissue up to 85-100°C, it destroys the tumor. HIFU therapy in Mesa is performed for prostate cancer using special devices, focusing on ultrasound waves in a specific region. It creates thermal energy in the center of ultrasonic wave concentration, whereas the adjacent healthy tissue remains intact.

 Benefits of HIFU therapy  

HIFU therapy for prostate cancer is a new treatment method. The procedure is in existence since the early 2000s. As of today, HIFU therapy in Mesa is popular and also successfully carried out in other countries.

 Following are the advantages you can attain from High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation:

High efficiency

With the help of HIFU therapy in Mesa, oncologists manage to achieve complete necrosis of the prostate tumor without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Low invasiveness

HIFU therapy is performed without incisions, so there is no blood loss during the treatment.

 Minimal risk of side effects

The treatment involves minimum side effects. Reducing the risk of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction is to Zero.

No special care or long-term rehabilitation

 There is no need for special care and long-term rehabilitation in the hospital after the procedure, and the patient from the hospital can go home the next day.

Combine procedures & repeated sessions

HIFU therapy, in combination with other treatment methods, can be helpful to cure different diseases. Depending on the cancer severity, there is the possibility of carrying out repeated sessions of HIFU therapy.

How is the procedure carried out?  

HIFU therapy in Mesa is performed under spinal anesthesia. First of all, the urinary catheter is inserted into the urethra. The catheter is needed as the prostate swells enormously after treatment and thereby compresses the urethra. Consequently, urination is impeded.

Then the doctors proceed with the treatment, asking the man to lie on his side and a particular device to inserted into the rectum. It consists of an ultrasound scanner and an ultrasonic emitter. The doctors carry out both Imaging of the prostate and treatment planning. The urologist will move the device for removing the prostate tumor using high-intensity ultrasound.

On average, HIFU treatment lasts 2-3 hours. After the treatment, the patient is shifted to the available room. Here he can stay until the action of anesthesia wears off. The patient can leave home the next day from the hospital. After a week, the patient has to visit the hospital to get the urinary catheter removed.

Where can I undergo HIFU therapy in Mesa?

East Valley Urology Center is a leading center that offers HIFU therapy to Mesa residents and patients throughout the country.

Drs. Mehan and Wadhwa are HIFU pioneers in Arizona that can help you during the procedure. Dr. Mehan had his training from  Indiana University during the FDA trials and has used both Sonablate®and Ablatherm® HIFU machines. He and Dr. Wadhwa were the first to perform the HIFU procedure in Arizona by using the Sonablate system.

To find out if HIFU therapy in Mesa is an appropriate option for your prostate cancer treatment, give a call to experts at East Valley Urology Center to schedule an appointment today.