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Best Morning Ever

Nighttime Routine For Your Best Morning Ever:

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Wake up happy and motivated by doing this at night:

  1. Brush your teeth when you feel like having a nighttime snack. You should brush your teeth before bed anyways, but this will help ward off the urge to eat things before bed (especially since it does not taste as good with a minty mouth 😉
  2. Prepare your outfit for the morning and have your workout gear and shoes ready for you to jump into the second you get out of bed. This will motivate you and not give you an excuse or waste any morning time. Don’t forget your headphones, a water bottle, shoes and jacket!
  3. Go to bed early (so you can get at least 7-9 hours) of sleep per night! Skip the late night snacks, which helps you sleep better and burn more calories in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Make a dream board, to-do agenda, or goal list (not just before bed) but make sure to note what you want to accomplish the next day. Then the next day, mark it off. If you have a clearer idea of what you want to do, you are more likely to do it. AND GET SPECIFIC! Your brain craves routine, so literally write down that you want to run 1.5 miles and do 15 push-up burpees at 6AM. (yes, that specific)
  5. Imagine your morning (picture it in your mind, the feels, the temperature, and how happy you will be). When you wake up in the morning, go back to that picture in your head, and you will be more likely to experience it. The motivation to achieve that feeling will be worthwhile.
  6. MEAL PREP! And do it with intention…If you go for a run at 6AM, either run on an empty stomach or have a small piece of fruit for quick energy. Follow it up with a complete balanced meal with PROTEIN, some healthy fat, and some greens for more energy.
  7. Set your alarm to a tune or tone that is inspiring and amusing…not a dinging banging noise that you hate listening to. Pandora actually has an alarm and turn on a certain radio station at the time you wake up. Set it to your favorite music, which is going to make your mornings SO MUCH BETTER…promise 😉
  8. Have a back-up plan… If it is raining, OR SNOWING!…What is your plan B? Can you still run or go to the gym? What about a free online workout video on Youtube, BeachBodyOnDemand.com or Barre3.com? (Ps-Those are my favorites for free online workouts). Maybe call a friend and see if they want to go for a walk later in the day so you don’t skip out completely.
  9. Challenge yourself but DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF! You are only in competition with yourself, not others. Some days are better than others, but be your own cheerleader. When you do not feel like getting up in the morning, ask yourself if your favorite athlete would ever skip out on a day just because they wanted to hit snooze one more time. Cheer and motivate yourself to get it done because of the rewards after are more fulfilling than the actual task at hand. When you say you won’t do something out of laziness, you are actually sending a neural pathway that tells your brain that is true! TELL YOURSELF A DIFFERENT STORY, THAT YOU ARE BEAST AND GOING TO KILL YOUR WORKOUT….and watch yourself JUST DO IT.