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Revolutionary New X-Ray and Imaging Machine | EVU Center

Revolutionary New X-Ray and Imaging Machine | EVU Center

Revolutionary New X-Ray and Imaging Machine | EVU Center

East Valley Urology Center, the brand name in itself, has launched its own revolutionary and New X-Ray and Imaging Machine which will transform the MR technology.

How Will New X-Ray and Imaging Machine Help?

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among males. Early-stage PCa is asymptomatic and may progress slowly. Men having a family history of PCa and men of African American heritage are disproportionately afflicted, putting them at higher risk. Systematic biopsy (SBx) with transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) is the current preferred office-based treatment because to its speed and the ultrasound system’s small footprint. Furthermore, a transrectal biopsy might result in infections, which can be dangerous and necessitate hospitalisation. Hematuria and hematospermia are additional unpleasant side effects of transrectal biopsy. We present the clinical workflow of an unique point-of-care low-field MRI scanner for conducting TBx in an office setting at a typical outpatient clinic.


Why should you opt for Arizona Urology X-Rays and Imaging Machine instead of the old method of diagnosis?

With a simplified workflow and preprogrammed pulse sequences, you may simplify the MRI operation. Our non-invasive, whisper-quiet, and non-claustrophobic qualities make MRI more accessible and comfortable for patients. You may simply execute targeted therapies like transperineal biopsies using our open platform. Patients using MRI guidance receive personalised and up-to-date treatment programmes in real time. Our objective is to improve the quality of care and the lives of patients by developing customer-centric technological solutions that redefine the standard of care. 

What are features of New X-Ray and Imaging Machine?

“Promaxo’s platform technology has allowed me to identify cancer that a standard TRUS biopsy would have otherwise missed.” says our expert, John Adams, MD, Urology.

The MR technology is:- 

A Promaxo MRI guided biopsy outperforms standard of care with a 71 percent cancer detection rate and has discovered 23 percent more clinically important tumours, greater than 3+3 with an average of just 3 cores per patient. 

Other key features of Queens Creek AZ X Rays and Images to be highlighted here are:-

Way forward to the new X-Ray and Imaging Machine

A TBx strategy of Mesa AZ X Rays and Images can greatly assist patients by positively altering the care pathway, offering as much as a 6-12 month head start in a definite diagnosis and therapy commencement. The technology demonstrates the possibility of performing an MR-guided procedure within a standard outpatient clinic, resulting in a cancer detection rate comparable to in-bore MRI procedures while avoiding the logistical and financial constraints often associated with standard high field strength MRI systems. For the patient, the transperineal technique limits the possibility of post-procedural infection, and the lack of an endorectal coil or transrectal probe reduces patient pain. The system’s silent, open-facing layout also reduces claustrophobia.   

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East Valley Urology (EVU) was formed by Dr. Rahul Mehan, who designed the practise from the bottom up with patient involvement. Dr. Mehan founded EVU as a urology clinic, but he rapidly realised that urological care and health and wellbeing go hand in hand. EVU’s seasoned crew is competent and experienced in the most cutting-edge technology, and they welcome patients into a warm, comfortable environment.

Telemedicine is also available at the EVU Center for more convenient patient follow-up. Telemedicine, which uses secure video technology, allows the doctors at EVU Center to give the same high-quality treatment to patients who are unable to go to the office but need to keep in contact.

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