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dr. Mehan, my cancer dr. says that my prostate cancer is stable after hifu with a 1.1 psa I guess your still batting 1000 cant thank you enough. I guess that was money well spent. Hopefully its gone for good

Albert M.

PRO HIFU Procedure: My name is Benjamin Guerrero. My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Mehan as I had an elevated PSA – I was 73. Dr. Mehan is an amazing doctor. Within minutes of my first visit I was very impressed with his caring and compassion. Dr. Mehan explained everything completely – what I was looking at, and possible outcomes. I had a biopsy of my prostate, and it tested positive for cancer. Dr. Mehan reviewed the options with my wife and I, and we decided that the best option was having the HIFU surgery. This had minimal to no side effects. I first did the Green Light Laser surgery (August 2018), to reduce the prostate size, so the HIFU could focus on all of the cancer spots. After recovering from the Green Light Laser surgery, I scheduled the HIFU surgery to remove the cancer (November 2018). The HIFU procedure was pain free, and no side effects. After the HIFU procedure, I took it easy for 2 weeks, and then back to normal routines. I rarely have to get up in the night to use the bathroom; I don’t have any problems with bladder control or erMy ections. After the first post-operation cancer PSA check, I continue the follow-up checks with Chris Morris, PA who is also a wonderful and caring person. My PSA test results remain below 1, my last PSA test was in March, 2020. I feel that having this procedure has added years to my life! I have nothing but praise for Dr. Mehan, Chris Morris, and all of the staff at East Valley Urology. I highly recommend East Valley Urology, and I Highly Recommend that all men, when their primary care recommends it, to have the Prostate Check.

Benjamin G.

Chris was professional and caring.I had the Mona Lisa procedure with outstanding results.THANK YOU

Diane C.

Prior to Dr. Mehan I had gone to two other urologists. Neither of these doctors were interested in using the REZUM procedure. This procedure was only 3 years old at the time. What they offered me was a procedure that was far more invasive than the REZUM procedure. Dr Mehan performed the REZUM procedure in his office under light sedation. The procedure took about 15 minutes. Within 3 weeks I was able to urinate without a catheter for the first time in 6 months. One year later I am still urinating without any problems. Dr Mehan is a great doctor and a fantastic person as well. I feel lucky to have found him.

Nicholas C.

Dr Wadhwa is very professional and understanding dealing with a topic that is very uncomfortable for guys to talk about. Had been seeing a different uroligist who only did traditional surgical procedures. Dr Wadhwa took the time to discuss and thoroughly explain other available options. He performed a urolift for me on a short notice situation due to an insurance issue. He felt that urolift was going to provide the best result for me. I am glad I went forward with this procedure, no regrets. Wish I had found him years ago when this problem started. Am very happy with surgery results, quick recovery and zero downtime. Would highly recommend him.

Jeff P.

Dr. Mehan is by far the best urologist I have ever been treated by. I have been going to urologists for 48 years due to an accident and suffered terribly but since meeting Dr. Mehan and starting treatment from him 5 years ago WOW what a difference. This Doctor cares, and gives eye to eye contact when talking to him, and after many years of on going UTI's and prostate problems, he performed a treatment REZUM on my prostate and I have not had a UTI in 3.5 years since this was done, or on going prostate problems like before. I do not have urgency to urinate every 20 minutes like I did for years either. I now go 2, 3 and even 4 hours at times rather than every 20 minutes. Rezum sure worked for me and would do it again in the future if needed. The most important is no antibiotics 5 to 6 times a year anymore which are not good for you anyway. if you want to get treated by the best and a Doctor that will give you eye to eye contact when talking with you and really care, then Dr Mehan is the Doctor for you. PERIOD

Mark B.

Dr. Mehan is truly an amazing doctor. He's kind, compassionate, and understands your fear. He explains why the procedure is important and the need for it. When I was waiting in the hospital people asked why I was there. I said kidney stone, they asked my doctors name and when I told them, their reply was "He is the best, you are in great hands." They also said "He's a hard worker, compassionate, and honest." To me this says when his co workers think this of him; he is the best!

Sharon L.

After years of worsening BPH symptoms without any relief from a variety of medications my urologist referred me to Dr. Mehan. He said that within the medical community Dr. Mehan had the reputation of being one of the finest urological surgeons in the nation. After receiving care from Dr. Mehan I wholeheartedly agree. Within a couple of days of undergoing the green light laser procedure I experienced tremendous relief of my BPH symptoms. Both pre and post-operatively Dr. Mehan was there for me. He listens, advises and guides you to a jointly made decision. He executes the decision flawlessly. He is one of the finest physicians I have met.

Joseph S.


Rated 4 out of 5
July 14, 2020




Rated 3 out of 5
July 14, 2020