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Urinary incontinence in Queens Creek

Urinary incontinence in Queens Creek: Get reliable help

The urinary bladder has two main functions. First, it stores urine when you don’t want to urinate and empty on demand when you are ready to go. Unfortunately, the bladder doesn’t work as we wish to, especially in an adult woman. Urinary incontinence or the leakage of urine is a common concern in women. It cannot be very comfortable and affects life. 

Check out the two primary types of incontinence that are explained as follows: 

Urge incontinence

Urge incontinence is also known as overactive bladder, and this condition mainly affects older adults. It occurs when the primary contractile muscle of the bladder fails to control storing and releasing urine. As a result, you may feel suddenly feel like pee or unexpected leakage before you make it to the bathroom. 

Stress incontinence 

Stress incontinence affects both men and women. But it commonly affects women who have previously birthed children. It is recognized by urine that leaks when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or lift something. So, although you may feel issues while jumping a rope or using a trampoline for bladder leakage. It means you suffer from stress incontinence on some level. Weak pelvic floor muscles are the culprit. 

Getting Treatment 

The best place to maintain a bladder diary is to share what is going wrong with the urinary bladder with your physician. Determine what triggers your accidents as well as how much urine you are leaking. Your symptoms for Urinary incontinence in Queens Creek with a medical exam and urine test may be all that you require for proper diagnose of the condition.

At East Valley Urology Centre, we proudly offer a wide range of treatment options for urinary incontinence in Queens Creek. While some may need minimally invasive surgery, others may have significant improvement by pelvic floor strengthening exercises. In addition, it merely changes their lifestyle habits like losing weight, avoiding caffeine and nicotine.

How can East Valley Urology Centre help you? 

Don’t let your uncontrolled bladder habits affect your lifestyle. Call East Valley Urology Centre to discuss your urinary incontinence in Queens Creek problems. We have knowledgeable doctors who can help you cure urinary incontinence both in men and women. Our team will diagnose the symptoms of the pain and provide you efficient treatment.

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