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vasectomy in Queen Creek, AZ

Things you should know about having a vasectomy in Queen Creek

If you and your planning for a permanent birth control method, you can go for vasectomy in Queen Creek, AZ. A vasectomy is permanent male sterilization. It is a dynamic process that changes life.

Before undergoing a vasectomy, here’s what you should know about the process.

Discuss with your partner 

You should not take vasectomy light. It is a crucial decision that will affect the life of both you and your partner. You should take time to discuss whether it is the right choice for you.

 A vasectomy may be right for you if:

  • You are sure that you don’t want to have more or any children
  • To prevent pregnancy for the sake of her health
  • If you and/or your partner have genetic disorders that you do not want to pass on to your children.

On the other hand, a vasectomy may not be right for you if:

  • You and/or your partner are unsure about whether to have children or not
  • If you are interested in temporary birth control

It is safe and effective

A vasectomy can be performed either under local anesthesia or conscious sedation. If done under local anesthesia, pain medicine will be directly injected into your scrotum to numb the area. You will be awake for the procedure. If you undergo conscious sedation, the medication will sedate you and relieve any anxiety during the procedure.

Regardless of the anesthesia, the rest procedure of vasectomy in Queen Creek, AZ is the same. The physician will disconnect the vas deferens that carry sperm from testicles. After the surgery, sperm will not be transported from the testicles.

—the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles. After the surgery, sperm will not be able to

Quick recovery

You may be thinking what is the recovery time for vasectomy. After the procedure, most men can:

  • Return to work in two to three days
  • Resume normal exercise in seven days
  • Can have sex again in seven days
  • Bruising and swelling go on within two weeks.

Doesn’t affect sexual functioning

A vasectomy in Queen Creek should not decrease your sex drive or doesn’t affect your ability to have an erection or orgasm. Only five to ten percent of ejaculate comes from the testicle. The remaining comes from the upstream structures such as your prostate and seminal vesicles. So, ejaculation will remain and feel the same. Just microscopically, there will no sperm in the semen.

It can be reversed

There are a few options for achieving a pregnancy even after vasectomy. There are procedures for vasectomy reversal or surgical sperm extraction. It just takes 20 minutes for vasectomy, and vasectomy reversal can take four to six hours. It is a complicated process, and there is no guarantee that it will lead to pregnancy.

Even after vasectomy, if you and your partner plan to have children, there are other ways to obtain your sperm rather than a vasectomy reversal.

Why Should You Choose EVU Center for Your Vasectomy?

Dr. Mehan and Dr. Wadhwa at East Valley Urology Center have performed thousands of safe, affordable vasectomies for men. We are amongst the most accomplished urologists. Our experts’ staff understand that the decision to have a vasectomy is a complex one, so we make sure your time with us is as comfortable as possible. It procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can go back home and relax within a few hours.

Schedule an appointment now to discuss your question about vasectomy in Queen Creek, AZ!