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Why You Can’t Shed Lbs.

1.)  Undoing all of your hard work during the week by overeating while binge watching tv shows or out at parties over the weekend.

2.) Lack of physical activity when you are not at the gym. If you sit most of the day (at home, at work) but only work out 1 hour per day, your metabolism is only revved during certain hours. It is important to move constantly throughout each day.

3.)  Portion distortion of healthy foods… Eating too much healthy food such as olive oil can cause weight gain. If you are eating “half of an avocado” will be different if you are eating half of a large or half of a small Hass. Make sure you weigh out or measure portions in order to know the exact amount you are consuming.

4.)  High Cortisol levels (stress hormone) causes weight gain around the midsection. It is important to practice mindfulness by meditating and breathing.

5.)  Licking your spoon every time you bake or trying a bite or two of your child’s dinner can lead to weight gain over time.

6.)  If you diet for months at a time, and eat the same things over without giving your body a break, your body will begin to stall. It is important to switch up the amounts and kinds of food you consume.

7.)  Low Vitamin D is linked to trouble losing weight according to various studies.

8.)  Chronic inflammation (pain) can make it harder to shed pounds.

9.)  Lack of sleep (which can also cause stress) makes making healthy choices harder throughout the day.

10.) Hypothyroidism regulates your body temperature, in turn making your metabolism slower and weight loss harder to reach.

11.)  Overdoing exercise and not getting proper rest will cause cortisol levels to rise and stay elevated.