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Nanoknife for Prostate Cancer Arizona

Nanoknife for Prostate Cancer Arizona

Step Inside IRE Technology.

Precision Empowered.

  • Sculpt and control ablation zone through multiple electrode configurations6
  • IRE effectively destroys targeted tissue giving you precise treatment margins resulting in confident treatment coverage4,7
  • Sharp demarcation of IRE-ablated zone is well-visualized using real-time ultrasound5

Preservation Redefined.

  • Spares vital structures by retaining the functional anatomy of the targeted tissue.8,9
  • Preserves the extra-cellular matrix, facilitating post-ablation, histological and functional tissue regeneration.8,9

Versatility Perfected.

  • IRE treatment can be confidently delivered in all segments of an organ.8
  • Electrodes can be confidently placed near vital structures, maximizing your ability to personalize treatment to your patient’s anatomy. 9

Designed for Performance.

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